Simplifile Your County Documents

I have a little sister who works for company that scans and digitizes legal documents. It is a fun little company that requires some initial contracts and some consistent employees, but appears nonetheless to be a relatively low maintenance company. I think that to own a company that only requires management 5 days a week from 9-5 would be really fun.

Intrigued by the idea, I did a little research and threw the idea around with a number of different mentors. Really, the physical space and cost of labor to store, sort and retrieve physical documents can be astounding. As policy and regulations grow in a myriad of industries, so does the need to record, sort and retrieve documents.

Aaron Brown, a quality control specialist, mentioned to me that the sheer amount of work it takes to map out and track work flow management alone is astounding. And often very problematic for businesses. This ofcourse means it can be very expensive to customize into your system. Effective is good, but simple and efficient is better.

I was pleased to find a company online that seems to address, (although in a very specific niche) the need for a simple and cost effective method to electronically backup hard copy documents and expedite and track the often maticulous process of work-flow management.

The company is Simplifile. Their niche is county recording. They offer an electronic filing service for counties, attorneys and people who do titles/deeds/property records. I’m sure it could apply to just about any industry that requires electronic document recording. (Although I think it would be a stretch to apply it in an accounting/financial records setting.)

As long as a company is already fulfilling the need, I can’t see myself trying to pioneer one myself. Probably better just to use their services. Here a link to their new website, (in case anyone is interested) and a couple of articles that tell more about ‘em.

Positive or negative experiences with their services would be helpful.


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