Murdoch and China News…

I have always been fascinated by news and mass communication agencies. I’ve felt that if I were to try to develop a media company that the news, or a book store, (newspaper distribution) might be an angle to get in.

I read an article in the New York Times today that talked about how media giant Rupert Murdoch had been working for years to get into China and it finally looked like he was making headway.

The article makes brief mention about how much schmoozing needed to take place for Murdoch to even begin making headway in China. The brief mention of his Mainland China wife leads to even bigger allusions to the steps taken behind the scenes to make things happen in the Middle Kingdom.

Rupert Murdoch has built such an incredible media enterprise. (Here’s a brief summary to give more background to the Murdoch Family History. He’s really beat the odds to get as far as he has and I wouldn’t at all put it past him that he’ll be able to take it another step further… Even all the way to the Middle Kingdom.

3 thoughts on “Murdoch and China News…

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  2. David Kasteler

    Murdoch’s building of his communications empire is very respectable. But many don’t like the way he presses his own ideas and views down through his news, tv & communication agencies. This was one of the primary fears of the Bancroft family (owners of Dow Jones) and why they were very sceptical of his bid for Dow Jones & the Wall St. Journal.

    I find this interesting because if you watch CNN or any other news station they are filled with idea pushing statements and agenda’s. Unbiased reporting it seems has been gone for a long time now. I suppose the question is when have you gone too far with pushing your own agenda and how far can you go, even if you are billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

    As for China, I would find it very difficult to believe if there haven’t been many pay-offs or greased palms.

  3. Administrator


    I couldn’t agree with you more! It is an interesting thought to think of how wallstreet reporting can be affected by who owns the information distribution channel.

    It reminds me of something I heard in my mass comms class: Belief in unbias media is a result of ignorant bias. :)


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