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We recently had a publicity strategy meeting for We sat down and tried to identify as many things as we could that would increase traffic, build brand equity, increase down loads and more, (what else do you usually talk about at an internet marketing meeting). We identified some great things we could do that would be news worthy, along with a number of different strategies to synergize our upcoming podcast with our upcoming quick-time commercials, Big Aland other promotional efforts we have coming up.

Of all of the things we talked about, the one that rang the most true was this: Prove your model, and it will do most of the promotion itself. Of course this is not the case with everything, but if it’s a model that really provides goods or services that people need, you can bet they’ll tell their friends about it. MyspaceAmazonGoogle Adsense,Commission JunctionEbay and more, provide a service that benefits their customers and brings them back for more. I might be wrong, but I bet the budget for the time and money to market these services is relatively small. I know I mentioned only big models, but I’m pretty sure the same applies to little things as well. Wasn’t Craig’s list just a small start-up? satisfies a need. Local bands need to connect with their fan base in such a way to be exposed, promoted and make profit for further development. It promotes bands and sells their music. Bands get 69% of all of the proceeds from their downloads. The rest of the money is used to promote the bands through the different modules of the website. It hasn’t been a smooth transition for, but we’ve finally got the backend working as of last week and we’ve already got over 10 bands with a balance in their accounts. As we really help bands sell their music, it will help lead and orchestrate the other marketing aspects of Somethinglocal. It’s still too early to tell just how successful our model is in practice, but it looks like we’re on the right track. Either way, it seems our marketing and promotional strategy has a clear top priority: First, prove the model.

7 thoughts on “First Prove Your Model

  1. Preston Wily

    There are more pyramids than ancient Egypt here in Utah Valley – I’m glad that you recognized the weakness in this particular company’s model and are helping other people recognize such.

  2. Chris Williams

    Unfortunately the fallacy pointed out by the above article is taken from one piece of the Agel marketing line. To then take this one 30 sec commercial and draw a complete conclusion that the Agel’s marketing campaign is to the “young and hip” is in and of it’s self a fallacy.

    The other point that was made was that Agel has stated that they are in a non-competitors arena. The reason that statement is made is if I wanted to go buy vitamins in a gel substance I would only find them at Agel currently.

    I do appreciate the above article bringing up some good points. It’s only through good questions that we come up with answers that help us to take action.

  3. Administrator


    In addition to the infamous 2 min commercial, I have explored their website, read their marketing literature and the comp plan and spoken with a number of their distributors. It’s a good product. It also carries with it a number of the same symptoms found in other multi-level marketing companies, however it lacks some of the long term elements found in the more successful companies.

    I don’t mean to say that the marketing campaign of “young and hip” is a fallacy, what I mean to say is that it is indicative of a unsustainable long term model–Fashion trendy so to speak.

  4. david

    All publicity is good publicity. Agel will deliver to those who can see it an opportunity to change their financial future by grabbing hold and going for it.
    A great tool to do that, internationally is a web site called developed out of Australia by some very professional network marketers with serious corporate and filed success behind them. is only $15 per month – it’s cheap. No rejection, no meetings, no pain, but for little risk and some concentrated effort and this tool you can get an incredible result.
    You know for some people this is their only chance – don’t spoil it – encourage it. Check it out

  5. wanda

    Just came across your article.
    For myself, I have been fortunate to fall upon Agel. The Gelceuticals are second to none and speak for themselves.
    Working with Randy Gage who is in the TOP 5 in the World as Network Marketers. His training and support you cannot put a price tag on.

    From living the simple life to now one that I couldnt even imagine before Agel.

    I am now living my dream!


  6. Patrick

    Hi, the only people i read who are knocking Agel are ones who see them as a threat,other networkers who dont like the new kid on the block, the Noni juice $12 Million in sales does not compare to Agels sales in their first month, also i wish people would stop refering to the Agel product as a juice its not a juice, its a gel, big difference,what s wrong with the product being labeled as cool, does that mean only 18 /25 year olds will buy it, of course not.
    The Agel compensation plan is incredible,people rarely take the time to study comp plans so i suggest you have a look at it and see the power of it, regarding juices Noni and others out there, i never hear a thing about them these days, i am sure there out there but have they lasted and grown at a fantastic rate i dont think so, people are bored with them now, anyway for me Agel has the product , the comp plan, and the financial clout behind it to last for many a year to come.
    Cheers, Patrick.

  7. Xocai James

    What I dont understand is why people don’t get that Network Marketing/MLM is just a marketing system… like anything else. You wouldnt say that “restaurants are bad” because of 1 bad restaurant. It seems like it would be common sense to evaluate each company individually, rather than lumping them into 1 category.

    Obviously people arent going to be interested in a product like Amway, unless there is an opportunity to make money. So you end up with every buying product they dont want, in order to make money from other people who are buying product they don’t want. House of cards. Seems like common sense, but common sense isnt common.


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