Copyright Protection for Harry Potter in China? Now that’s Fantasy.

I love Harry Potter. But I’ll admit that I’m not drawn into the popular culture as a common muggle trying to live proxy through the boy wizard. I love Harry Potter because it sells. J.K. Rowlings has created a global literary fashion that has in turn launched the perfect platform to demonstrate the gambit of global cultures international legal and economic standards.

I was in Thailand two years ago for the release of Harry Potter Six. Two months before the real Harry Potter Six came out a Thai verson of Hally Potta 6 hit the stores. It was an instant success and then of course an instant scandal… The Thais certainly didn’t seem to mind; Fakes were as interesting as the real ones.

I recently read a fun little article about the international suspense for Harry Potter SevenThe Deathly Hallows. Of course Harry Potter Seven is already out in China. Here’s an article that reminds us that Harry Potter is always ahead of his game in China.

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