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In the Rock Chip Repair Business, I have had to work with a lot of different Utah Auto Insurance companies.

Although there are still several months left in my Rock Chip adventure, I do ocassionally think about what it would be like to start up an insurance. company.

The immensity of capital and finance experience to build a good insurance company is staggering. Nothing I would jump into anytime soon, but certainly I could look at starting an insurance marketing company. There is certainly money in repping for insurance companies.

This little preface may help you understand the following thought:

Across the 6+ locations I manage, there is a significant difference in the demographic and types of insurance.

Of the insurance companies that people seem to be the happiest with, there are a few that are great to work with, (at least in glass-only claims).

All State


Bear River

As a technician I would have to say that All State is the easiest to work with and Geico is the most friendly to work with. Geico also seems to really have a system down to take care of the customer and actually help them feel good about putting a claim through.

Geico also has a really easy system to do claims online at their website. They seem to have the best grasp of centralizing the number of different ways to speed up insurance.

It’s also kinda fun to think about the direction that the company is headed. Warren Buffet owns it and still endorses it as a good business decision.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Administrator

    Hmmm… I like what you’re trying to accomplish with your website. I hope the adoption rate comes quickly to really create an accurate picture of which companies are the best.


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