Building Utah, 1 Utah Homes at a Time

It’s always refreshing to hear when new businesses are starting in tumultuous markets. There are few industries that have been hammered worse that real estate. While the Utah real estate market hasn’t been hit near as hard as Arizona or California, there’s no question that it’s seen better days.

New Homes in Utah are being produced by a few very successful builders. A number of elements are contributing to the ability for new home buyers to afford great quality homes at a reasonable cost. Among these factors, reduced access to traditional credit has lowered the cost of sub contractors, building materials and land.

It goes without saying that current market conditions have created the perfect storm for buying a new Utah home. I’ve had the opportunity to see the 1 Utah Homes model from the inside, and the attention to detail, cost and customer service is among the very best of Utah Home Builders.

2 thoughts on “Building Utah, 1 Utah Homes at a Time


    Thank you for the shout out! We have started footings and foundations and soon Utah will have its newest town-home community just outside of down town Salt Lake City. Thank you KellerBlog!

  2. Layne

    It’s encouraging to hear that production is increasing, or at least stabilizing. My father is an electrical engineer in Sun Valley (conducted work in Utah in times past). He was struggling to keep afloat for a little while, even in a resort town, his business was being effected because many contractors weren’t getting new projects.

    Thanks for your post!


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