A Few Good Men

Today was phenomenal. I had the opportunity to go with my friend and business associate David Kasteler (an amazing person himself) to meet with some of the most incredible men I have had the privelage to have known. Dan MabeyKen Dehyle and Kelly Sheppard. Each of these men are accomplished entrepreneurs and builders of men. After talking with each of them, it was confirmed to me that consistency and work towards a well defined goal is one of the greatest keys to happiness.

I recently had the opportunity to take a little company tour at Sewell Direct with their new President and COO, Preston Wily. Now they are the 4th fastest growing company in Utah –remarkable. I first met Preston years ago, when he was still just an entry level marketer at Sewell. I had always been impressed by his ability to recognize opportunity. Through consistent performance, Preston (and his fellow marketer Dan Caffee) guided and developed Sewell to become what it is today… And what it will soon become. It was no golden ticket for Preston–but consistent learning and work.

All of these individuals have different aspects which I hope to integrate into my own character and understanding. I appreciate their examples and look forward to learning from them in the future.

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