The San Francisco Treat

I’ll be headed to a wealth building conference in San Francisco this weekend. I can’t lie that a big part of my motivation is an excuse to meet up with some of my good friends while I’m out there.

The conference is on Saturday, Jan. 14th 8am to 5:30 pm in San Francisco. I haven’t heard too many reviews about the conference but the general opinion is that everyone does learn some new things about wealth management, real estate investment, and other personal financial methods. People have also said that the things learned at the conference were not anything that one couldn’t learn online by doing some research.

Honestly, I hope to learn some good things from this conference. I want to learn how trusts work, and maybe some methods to protect the corporate veil, or set up limited partnerships within limited liability corps. Most of all though, the real reason any one should go to these conferences is to meet people. Find people who have similar interests and complimentary talents.

In the end, who knows what will come out of it. Either way, I’m looking forward to Ghirardelli Square and some Rice-A-Roni. I’ll be sure to post any good notes that I pick up while I’m there.

One thought on “The San Francisco Treat

  1. Your Boss ( C. Cronin)

    Okay so i have some bad news my friend. First off i am glad to hear you are heading to sunny and wonderful San Fran, but i’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you that the San Fransisco treat you plan on enjoying is not made in San Fransisco at all. Infact its little “ronies” are connected with its even smaller “rices” in my home state of Illinois; Chicago to be exact. So i guess my point is, wait i dont think i had one. Just remember while you are eating that treat, that San Fran is full of nothing but money hungry liars, only out to get their hands in your wallets and get fabricated rice into your mouth. Good day and good trip to you sir.



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