Techy past times…

So we had a little fun with a inter-company competition of ping pong yesterday. A few of the guys from our little Books Collection and Redistribution company, (Worldwide Book Drive), met up with the guys and and and suffered a clear defeat. It was a great break away from the daily grind and fun for everybody. I remember a long time ago that Preston Wily, Sewelldirect President and COO, suggested starting up a local company competition circuit. But it never quite got off the ground. Feel free to check out its roots anyways at

I think it would be a great idea to get a sort of interbusinessmurals going… There’s a good name for a website (kinda long, but could become a new term :)

One thought on “Techy past times…

  1. Preston

    Bizpong is actually an article directory site now – I couldn’t find an out-of-the-box solution for a good rating system so I scrapped the idea. If somebody else in the area does it I’ll be more than happy to participate.


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