My Bosch! That’s good bread!

So, I just got done making some dough for scones and I’ve set it aside to raise.

Before I keep going however, I should probably mention that this posting is shameless plug for a fabulous product, (Bosch bread mixers) and a reliable Utah store–I’m a big fan of local entrepreneurs.

Now there is something to be said for making dough by hand. Kneading and folding the dough can be, (emphasis on the can) very therapeutic. Breathing texture and flavor into a previously lifeless clump of ingredients can release stress and build needed shoulder and hand muscle.

Aesthetics and athletics aside however, home-made bread is healthier and provides a traditional feeling of accomplishment that is just great. Of course, you’ve gotta feel accomplished after all that work. But sometimes you don’t want to work for your bread… (I know, lame pun). Even with the help of most mixers the task of making enough loaves of bread to feed a family can take a lot of time and upkeep. Growing up, I remember what a task it was for my mom to get out her ancient bread mixer and mix up several batches of dough to make enough loaves for our family and friends. I remember thinking of what a waste of time and energy to make bread when we could buy a good loaf of bread for a buck or two.

A few months ago my previous cullinary paradigms were smashed. While having dinner at a friends home, she used her Bosch Mixer to make, (from scratch) 6 loaves of delicious whole wheat bread and pan of wholewheat-honey cinnamon rolls. The whole process didn’t even take 15 minutes. The clean up was incredibly easy and after a delicious meal, the bread came straight from the oven and we all had hot cinnamon rolls for desert. Delicious!

Now previously I had never thought that I would ever find myself really making a plan to buy a bread mixer, but that night it changed. A good bread mixer seemed like a real investment. For not even a dollar a loaf you can make perfect dough everytime. The Bosch Mixer comes with plenty of recipes and most Bosch distributors will also carry all of the ingredients and add-ons to cover whatever baking dreams you can stir up. It’s more than a K Tech or Kitchen aid. But the investment is clear… We’ve already planned it into our budget in my new household.

Most people will agree that Utah is the land of food storage and the like. It goes to reason that we also have the most stocked and successful Bosch Outlets in the US.

Don’t take my word for it. Check the website of one of the biggest Bosch Distributors in Utah, (and on the web). Or stop by their store in Orem Utah and see for yourself how a good bread mixer can be therapeutic and economic….

Wow, this was a little longer of an entry than I thought. Bread is a serious commodity.

Gotta run and check on my scones.

Let me know what you think about your experiences.

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