Makin’ it happen…

So we thought about it today and we decided we would follow Seth Godin’s advice and Make it happen!

It was a pretty simple idea. Will Donate for Clicks–We identified a non-profit partner we’ve been working with and pledged $.10 for unique click on a simple landing page. Here’s the copy:

This just takes a few seconds!

Just click the link below to get to the donate button. Tell your friends and family and this can add up fast into valuable funds.

Pass this along to any of your friends, families or associates and this is an easy way to raise money for Peru!


Thank you and Happy Clicking

The idea was simple. Our partners have mailing lists and regular readers. Those readers each have family and friends who want to help the organization. Our company is complimentary to their industry, so let’s work together to help our partners and get a little exposure for ourselves.

Maybe we should have thought about it a little longer. Maybe we should developed more guidelines and padding. But maybe was just too long for a company as at the tipping point as Worldwide Book Drive. We had to act. We did an initial assessment. We made it happen.

We’ll keep you posted on the benefit…

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