Little Search Engine’s In Big China?

So I’m in Atlanta, Georgia right now with RigidFlex Plastics International at a trade conference regarding recycled plastics and the developments in the plastic trading industry.

Although completely off the topic of plastics, (I’ll write more about this conference later), it’s been fun lately to learn about the developments of Google and the other search engines in China.

It seems that Chinese Search Engines are showing some gain in their capture of the growing Chinese Market. It’s a tragedy to see that they sell out the top search results to the highest bidders rather than legitimate relevancy, but then, that’s very indicitave of Chinese media culture.

Google is having to adapt to Chinese media culture as well. Censoring their search results is pretty telling in that case. China’s market is growing quickly and google’s competitors (both foreign and native Chinese) are fighting for a piece of the fruit, it will be interesting to see what happens.

What ever happened with Alibaba anyways and their sellout and priorvow to take down google in China?

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