Let Me Introduce Myself:

I am the fourth of thirteen children, born to Mr. and Mrs. Merle and Lark Keller. I grew up in a small home nestled deep within the west side of Salt Lake City. My dad is an American-born German who grew up in Chicago and is now an electrical engineer. My mom is a compassionate and very strong willed farmer from a small town called Panaca, Nevada. My parents have always stressed the importance of obtaining a good education, hard work and sharing with those in need. I am just about to graduate from Brigham Young University with my bachelor’s in International Studies and minors in Asian Area Studies and Business.

Entrepreneurship has been part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember. I am currently involved in 3 different business ventures.Somethinglocal.com, a company that strives to satisfy the real needs of local bands and fans. Somethinglocal.com is dedicated to offer profit, exposure and promotional opportunities to local music artists. I am a partner in an online publishing company, Global Insight Media Communications, that publishes for a number of different industries, including: debt consolidationbudgetingcall center outsourcingBPM, and more. I am also a partner in a company called RigidFlex Plastics International (RFPI). RFPI is an international trading company that specializes in commodity plastics and packaging.

Other than creating and building different business or service opportunities, my personal interests include: Outdoor sports, classical literature and poetry, playing guitar, singing, traveling, public speaking, community development, poetry, scuba diving, fine arts, running, martial arts (Brazilian Jiujitsu), theatre, foreign literature and films.

I like the opportunities and freedoms that business can afford. I believe that money is a stewardship more than a privilege.

I enjoy international and cultural studies.

My favorite color is yellow.

Please feel free to comment on my blog any time, and please introduce yourself. I am interested in the feedback or questions of others.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce Myself:

  1. Lord Muffin

    John, I wish you luck in all of your ventures. It sounds like you are involved in many great things. Remember to keep your priorities straight and leave pleny of time for the important things in life.
    -Lord Muffin


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