Jay Lynn Studios Photography

I have quite a few friends who have developed into professional photographers. And a few more who have taken the leap and worked to start their own photography business or studio. This can be a very competitive industry. The barrier to entry is relatively low, but the cost to gain and maintain a clientele is very difficult. If a studio is open for longer than 5 years that’s a very good sign.

I was asked to write up a review for JayLynn Studios Photography. Although I’m no professional myself, I’ve worked with over a dozen professional and amateur photographers with business, weddings, reunions etc. There are very few which I would personally recommend or endorse. JayLynn’s is one of those. I really do consider JayLynn to be perhaps the Premier Photography Studio in Utah.

Looking for a good photographer can be really frustrating. After looking at their website for work samples, really call them up and ask them for a few references. (Weddings is a perfect example of something you really just can’t afford to mess up on). The best references you can get to verify the quality of the photgrapher is really from the references references. Make sure you call people that weren’t on the list from the Studio.

JayLynn Photography Studio has excellent work and phenomenal customer service. You’ll pay a little extra on the front end, but the quality and experience really do last generations. At all of the weddings I’ve been to with JayLynn Photographers, I have only seen the finest results. (Trust me, I’m what one might consider a not-so-photgenic-person to say the least, and I even dared to look at photos I’m in, time and time again.)

Really though, if you’re looking for a Utah Photographer, I would suggest you check ‘em out for yourself. And please keep me posted with any input or additional experiences that would be helpful to other readers.

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