HARRY POTTER 7–The Real Ending Uncensored!

Speaking of Harry Potter Seven, (Who isn’t speaking of Harry Potter these days?) I read a fascinating article on the internet about some pictures of the new book that have been circulating. This is making big news, (and big money) in China (who’s surprised?).

After extensive research to find the legitimate ending to Harry Potter 7, –not some lame book seven spoiler– but I was able to find the following picture…



As further proof, I retrieved this video from Google Video. (Never mind who uploaded the video… :) )

Video Lost…

After all my research, (as much as any entrepreneur needs to do), I believe this is the only true ending to the Harry Potter series. However, in case you still want to verify the legitimacy of this video, you can always be a good muggle and check out the underground Harry Potter site to make sure…

You can also checkout wikipedia for the fully edited reviews of Harry Potter Book Seven (Be careful though, this really will spoil it if you haven’t read it :) .

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