Geico and All State Insurance

Geico has great commercials. Their Small House and Cave Man commercials were always great attention getters.

Anywho, about 6 months ago, I went ahead and figured I would take the Geico challenge and see if I could really save a bundle of money…

It just so happens that by switching over to Geico (From Farmers) I saved a couple hundred bucks.

But the real test came just before Thanksgiving, I was cut off on the freeway and got into a little fender-bender. Nothing too serious. But really their service has pulled through and I really appreciate how attentive they can be for being such a large company.

I’ve also heard that All-State is really good. Which has proven to be the case in another little accident where an all-state insurer swiped our bumper. They were extremely responsive and very willing to work with my schedule to assess the damage and cut the checks.

Very nice. So far both companies have my full endorsement.

Both great companies, although Geico has a much better commercial ad campaign :).

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