Franchise Management

I’ve recently been working with a Rock Chip Repair Company. My job has been to identify and negotiate locations all across the Wasatch Front. I’m also in charge of hiring, firing and scheduling at each location. In a sense, it has a been a miniature model of developing a franchise chain.

Although fairly simple in its model, it has proven to be an incredible learning experience. Each location, although may look the same, has a number of dynamic characteristics. Zoning laws, landlords, customer traffic, location visibility, employee personalities, etc.

In managing this small franchise, I am learning the importance of… well… management. There is no way I can be everywhere in a single day. I need to get the right people in motion and on the right track and then go on to my next location.

I can also see how important management is in owning a business. I’ve had to significantly reduce my hours at Worldwide Book Drive, and our manager there is doing a phenomenal job. He allows me to focus in activities that provide funding and publicity while the daily grind of operations takes place.

I’m learning. I want to learn more. Anybody have any books or blogs they would suggest for good management tips?

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