Engage Technology Focus Group

The meeting with Engage ThoughtWare was extremely enlightening. The theory behind the technology is rather simple: Politics, Personality and Corporate Culture are some significant inhibitors to corporate success. By developing a system that eliminates as many of these as possible, productivity increases, profit increases, thus boss and employee are happier.

The technology has powerful organizational systems that could potentiall offer normal blog sites to reach unprecedented organization and follow-thr0ugh on their ideas.

The technology also offers a gated community wherein the development and sharing of ideas could only be accessed by those who are invited into the discussion. This way important conversations wouldn’t be crashed by unwelcome visitors and sensitive information could be identified and developed freely.

I would very much enjoy having this technology for Paul Allen’s page or Mark Cuban. I believe if the UI were made simple enough, it could have a very fast adoption rate and possibly spark an entire paradigm shift in the means of blogging and page organization.

We’ll see.

By the way, in my first day I got nearly a hundred views my first Youtube posting… About 1/100th of where I want to be someday… But really fun anywho…

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