Dick Cheney Comes to BYU

It was fun to the relatively small town of Provo all a buzz. Vice-President Dick Cheney was coming and you could tell. Pro Cheney demonstrations, (cleverly illustrated as Pro-Freedom rallies) were located on one side of while Anti-Cheney, (Happily staged as Freedom to Assemble rallies) were found on the other.

As a Alumni of BYU, and attending with my wife’s graduating class, I found graduation ceremonies simply spectacular. My experience in international trade and business also stirred in me a curiosity to see the man whom is such a key player in American Politics and also a controversial character in International Enterprise and domestic business policy.

The messages were simple carried a profound resonance with me. I am always dumbfounded by the incredible amount of hardwork, money and skill that goes into building and growing an academic institution.–Especially a private school the size and rankings of BYU. Honorary Doctrates (honoris causa) were awarded to Vice-President Dick Cheney–Doctor of Public Service, Ira Amond Fulton–Doctor of Engineering, Mary Lou Henson Fulton–Doctor of Education and Jack Robert Wheatley and Mary Lois Cannon Sharp Wheatley–Doctor of Fine Arts.

Vice-President Dick Cheney’s message was simply that you may never know where life leads you, but always look for that opportunity that may carry you to greater things. And say, “Yes” and act when you find it.

President Cecil Samuelson, Craig McIlroy and Steven John Pearson all spoke about the value of education being more than simply how much a graduate makes when school is done. But it is the value of who we have become.

It was a very fun and very full occassion.

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