Consult a Consultant… Ask a Salesperson…

I once heard that every sales person is also a consultant. I believe this is absolutely true. Whether selling a product or a service, experience in the industry provides valuable information that can used by someone else.

Today in Atlanta I spoke with Margaret H. Baumann. She is very sharp when it comes to plastic market research and building a market penetration strategy. Previously a distributor, she eventually made the switch to consulting and has enjoyed a lot of success in her field.

As we were discussing the different ways she works with clients and the steps she takes, I was impressed by how she emphasized the execution of the marketing and promotional stages. A lot of consultants want to talk high and falutant strategies, but leave up to the lone businesses to execute. A lot of those business need a coach, not just another strategy. There are plenty of great books out there with plenty of great strategies. Good coaches are invaluable.

It seems that good consultants need to help execute the strategy they developed and make sure they have an innate interest to see it successful. I believe this applies whether some one is a standard salesman/woman or a full blown, full-time consultant. Customers feel it. Track records are developed. Legitimacy grows. More people win.

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