“Click” Book Review

I recently read “Click” by Bill Tancer.

Although I thought were some interesting statistics in the book I don’t know if I would suggest taking the time to read the whole book. Really, I think you’ll get pretty thorough understanding of the entire book by simply reading a few of the Bill Tancer Blog posts.

If I had to distill a single take-away message from the book, it would probably be that we are what we search and a refined understanding of that relationship can provide some pretty helpful data for marketers and even social scientists–(Yeah I know–nothing new, but really an intriguing concept).

I would suggest “click”ing on his blog link and learning more about the concept if you’re not very familiar with it already. The implications are quite significant for internet marketers and social scientists… That makes it perfect for internet social marketers and/or social internet marketers, depending on how you look at it.

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