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Do Follow Links from Kellerblog

Over the past week I’ve spent a lot of time looking for good blogs that have search engine friendly comments enabled…

I’m proud to say that Kellerblog is a very search engine friendly blog. Complete with disabled no follow tags and an open invitation to comment on anything that you can add value to.


John Keller Jon Keller Keller Blog

Everyone knows that misspellings are an important part of search engine optimization. As a fun experiment I thought I would go ahead and make a name post. I ran a search for John Keller on Google, (really who hasn’t googled themselves at least once?) I discovered that I was certainly not the first John Keller on the web. In fact John Keller is also a professor, an ex-pat student, a news anchor an internet security consultant and more. As an internet marketer and entrepreneur, I figured it would a fun project to see if I can move that up. That is dedicate a post to myself, John Keller. Or Jon Keller. Although I did get a lot of people calling me Jonathon Keller or Jonathan Keller, I’m afraid as a blogger, manager and marketer, I’m still just John. John Keller.

HARRY POTTER 7–The Real Ending Uncensored!

Speaking of Harry Potter Seven, (Who isn’t speaking of Harry Potter these days?) I read a fascinating article on the internet about some pictures of the new book that have been circulating. This is making big news, (and big money) in China (who’s surprised?).

After extensive research to find the legitimate ending to Harry Potter 7, –not some lame book seven spoiler– but I was able to find the following picture…



As further proof, I retrieved this video from Google Video. (Never mind who uploaded the video… :) )

Video Lost…

After all my research, (as much as any entrepreneur needs to do), I believe this is the only true ending to the Harry Potter series. However, in case you still want to verify the legitimacy of this video, you can always be a good muggle and check out the underground Harry Potter site to make sure…

You can also checkout wikipedia for the fully edited reviews of Harry Potter Book Seven (Be careful though, this really will spoil it if you haven’t read it :) .

Business and Government and Senator Bob Bennett

Most business owners or managers can verify the importance of being involved at the local level. It was after the advice from a very insightful mentor that I decided to take the jump and join. My experience thus far has been positive and I have only seen benefit from my participation.

At a recent business chambers meeting I had the opportunity of Listening to Senator Bob Bennett. There were a lot of things said, (what else can we expect from a Senator?) But the format was pretty much a question and answer period.

I took the notes from my blackberry, so it’s a little condensed. But I still believe there are some interesting things there…

Senator Bob Bennett


Brief history of the electoral college. It was originally installed because the founding fathers thought the country was so large, no one person could be known by everyone, so a group of people were elected to nominate the top three candidates… Clearly outdated here in the information age, but still, we have it. Learn how to learn from it. :)

Q What can do for our part to help the nation heal more?

A We [Senators] say it a lot, “We want to Change. We want to Heal.” What you need to do is thoughfully write your reps. Please lower your voices. Let’s use less venom. Do not overwhelm the senate. –The recent bill for immigration is a perfect example of burning our the senate to prevent a real solution from being found. It got so bad that Senator Bennett was recieving death threats.

Q As a small business owner, I’m concerned about the national tax code. I’m in favor of a Fair Tax. Is it possible?

A Our tax code is perverse. Our taxes were developed under depressed and industrial cirmcumstances. We now live in an International economy in the information age. I believe Taxes should be to raise money to run government. Now decided government measure percentage of GDP

Ground rules change every 18 months. No one understands the code. Used to be 18.5 – 19.5 percent of GDP. Starting 2008 retied people will double. I would abolish payroll and income tax. We should go to a 20% of GDP rate. Consumption tax for 10 percent. Flat tax for other 10 percent. No more winners and losers. Q What does it take to make a difference?

A Senators are not bought and paid for. Money is given to people who already agree. Integrity now is higher than ever. Problems will be dealt. The question is when. Usually

Q Small business problems and some senators have backed down? Why?

A some times honorbound prevents somethings from happening. Things hurt. Wounds take time to heal. Just look at the example of Adams and Jefferson!

Q What do you think about American ignorance?

A America is founded on an ideal not a tribe. It is vitally important that we preserve the idea. The idea is found in three main documents, the Declaration of Independence, The Consititution and the Ghetty’s Burg Address. This is Winning our freedom, Ordering our freedom and Keeping our freedom. If allowed to split into tribes America wouldn’t make it. It may take many generations but eventually the idea gets everyone who lives here.

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Happy Independence Day!

Today was a fun little adventure. I had the opportunity of volunteering in the Utah, Provo, Freedom Festival as an Announcer for KSTAR 96.7 FM and KSTAR 1400 AM. It was a great opportunity to see the Grand Parade and also drive around in a brand-new 2007 Toyota Tundra double cab truck. (Perhaps not the greatest symbol of American patriotism :) but an excellent truck none the less.)

The Tundra was extremely light weight, but still packed an impressive amount of torque off the line. I understand the decision to make things lighter weight was in large response due to the number of women and baby boomers purchasing full-sized trucks, but looking for something a little easier to handle.

Brent Brown donated 10 trucks to be used for Announcing in the Parade and nearly a dozen more that filed through the parade. A great little stunt for additional publicity on the part of Brent Brown Toyota in Provo.

There were about 3,500 people attending my section of the parade. Coordinating commercials, announcing floats and working with audiences and changes in the scheduling was challenging, but also a lot of fun. It is always impressive to see and feel the immense energy that comes from these types of assemblies.

Car Insurance Rep

In the Rock Chip Repair Business, I have had to work with a lot of different Utah Auto Insurance companies.

Although there are still several months left in my Rock Chip adventure, I do ocassionally think about what it would be like to start up an insurance. company.

The immensity of capital and finance experience to build a good insurance company is staggering. Nothing I would jump into anytime soon, but certainly I could look at starting an insurance marketing company. There is certainly money in repping for insurance companies.

This little preface may help you understand the following thought:

Across the 6+ locations I manage, there is a significant difference in the demographic and types of insurance.

Of the insurance companies that people seem to be the happiest with, there are a few that are great to work with, (at least in glass-only claims).

All State


Bear River

As a technician I would have to say that All State is the easiest to work with and Geico is the most friendly to work with. Geico also seems to really have a system down to take care of the customer and actually help them feel good about putting a claim through.

Geico also has a really easy system to do claims online at their website. They seem to have the best grasp of centralizing the number of different ways to speed up insurance.

It’s also kinda fun to think about the direction that the company is headed. Warren Buffet owns it and still endorses it as a good business decision.

Let me know what you think!

My Bosch! That’s good bread!

So, I just got done making some dough for scones and I’ve set it aside to raise.

Before I keep going however, I should probably mention that this posting is shameless plug for a fabulous product, (Bosch bread mixers) and a reliable Utah store–I’m a big fan of local entrepreneurs.

Now there is something to be said for making dough by hand. Kneading and folding the dough can be, (emphasis on the can) very therapeutic. Breathing texture and flavor into a previously lifeless clump of ingredients can release stress and build needed shoulder and hand muscle.

Aesthetics and athletics aside however, home-made bread is healthier and provides a traditional feeling of accomplishment that is just great. Of course, you’ve gotta feel accomplished after all that work. But sometimes you don’t want to work for your bread… (I know, lame pun). Even with the help of most mixers the task of making enough loaves of bread to feed a family can take a lot of time and upkeep. Growing up, I remember what a task it was for my mom to get out her ancient bread mixer and mix up several batches of dough to make enough loaves for our family and friends. I remember thinking of what a waste of time and energy to make bread when we could buy a good loaf of bread for a buck or two.

A few months ago my previous cullinary paradigms were smashed. While having dinner at a friends home, she used her Bosch Mixer to make, (from scratch) 6 loaves of delicious whole wheat bread and pan of wholewheat-honey cinnamon rolls. The whole process didn’t even take 15 minutes. The clean up was incredibly easy and after a delicious meal, the bread came straight from the oven and we all had hot cinnamon rolls for desert. Delicious!

Now previously I had never thought that I would ever find myself really making a plan to buy a bread mixer, but that night it changed. A good bread mixer seemed like a real investment. For not even a dollar a loaf you can make perfect dough everytime. The Bosch Mixer comes with plenty of recipes and most Bosch distributors will also carry all of the ingredients and add-ons to cover whatever baking dreams you can stir up. It’s more than a K Tech or Kitchen aid. But the investment is clear… We’ve already planned it into our budget in my new household.

Most people will agree that Utah is the land of food storage and the like. It goes to reason that we also have the most stocked and successful Bosch Outlets in the US.

Don’t take my word for it. Check the website of one of the biggest Bosch Distributors in Utah, (and on the web). Or stop by their store in Orem Utah and see for yourself how a good bread mixer can be therapeutic and economic….

Wow, this was a little longer of an entry than I thought. Bread is a serious commodity.

Gotta run and check on my scones.

Let me know what you think about your experiences.

Dick Cheney Comes to BYU

It was fun to the relatively small town of Provo all a buzz. Vice-President Dick Cheney was coming and you could tell. Pro Cheney demonstrations, (cleverly illustrated as Pro-Freedom rallies) were located on one side of while Anti-Cheney, (Happily staged as Freedom to Assemble rallies) were found on the other.

As a Alumni of BYU, and attending with my wife’s graduating class, I found graduation ceremonies simply spectacular. My experience in international trade and business also stirred in me a curiosity to see the man whom is such a key player in American Politics and also a controversial character in International Enterprise and domestic business policy.

The messages were simple carried a profound resonance with me. I am always dumbfounded by the incredible amount of hardwork, money and skill that goes into building and growing an academic institution.–Especially a private school the size and rankings of BYU. Honorary Doctrates (honoris causa) were awarded to Vice-President Dick Cheney–Doctor of Public Service, Ira Amond Fulton–Doctor of Engineering, Mary Lou Henson Fulton–Doctor of Education and Jack Robert Wheatley and Mary Lois Cannon Sharp Wheatley–Doctor of Fine Arts.

Vice-President Dick Cheney’s message was simply that you may never know where life leads you, but always look for that opportunity that may carry you to greater things. And say, “Yes” and act when you find it.

President Cecil Samuelson, Craig McIlroy and Steven John Pearson all spoke about the value of education being more than simply how much a graduate makes when school is done. But it is the value of who we have become.

It was a very fun and very full occassion.

Geico and All State Insurance

Geico has great commercials. Their Small House and Cave Man commercials were always great attention getters.

Anywho, about 6 months ago, I went ahead and figured I would take the Geico challenge and see if I could really save a bundle of money…

It just so happens that by switching over to Geico (From Farmers) I saved a couple hundred bucks.

But the real test came just before Thanksgiving, I was cut off on the freeway and got into a little fender-bender. Nothing too serious. But really their service has pulled through and I really appreciate how attentive they can be for being such a large company.

I’ve also heard that All-State is really good. Which has proven to be the case in another little accident where an all-state insurer swiped our bumper. They were extremely responsive and very willing to work with my schedule to assess the damage and cut the checks.

Very nice. So far both companies have my full endorsement.

Both great companies, although Geico has a much better commercial ad campaign :).

i is for (l)Itigation.

The world sighs as Apple shows a significant increase in stock value with the release of their new iphone. Interestingly enough, Cisco has side swiped them with a litigation for trademark infingement.

Here’s an article that tells more about the whole iphone debate

It’s a toughy because there are a number of other people who have been operating with the same product name. Who really gets it? If only there were a biblical solution to find the true mother of the iphone baby…

Alas only time will tell. In the mean time however, it is certainly great publicity for any and all iphones out there.