Business Ignitor for Grow Utah Ventures– A great event.

I had a great opportunity today to attend a “business ignitor” event hosted by Grow Utah Ventures. I have been so busy working in the trenches lately that I began to feel out of touch with the rich entrepreneur community here in Utah. The topic was “How to Approach an Angel Investor.” The perfect topic for the situation in which I currently find myself. It was so refreshing to hear from experienced panelists regarding what they looked for in applicants and to hear questions from other attendees reflect my current questions.

The panelists, Alan Hall, Brad Walters and Brad Angus were all successful entrepreneurs and investors in the Weber Davis Morgan region of Utah. I have had the paradigm that Northern Utah Entreprenuership was fertile grounds, but I was grateful and impressed by what I saw today. Although my current business exploit is a social venture and not directly applicable to much of the material covered in the conference, I did gain a lot of useful knowledge and also made some good contacts.

To anyone in Utah County, Salt Lake or Northern Utah who might be considering attending a Grow Utah Ventures event, I would highly recommend it. Thanks guys!

2 thoughts on “Business Ignitor for Grow Utah Ventures– A great event.

  1. Eddy Hood


    How long was the event? I really need to get going to these events! You know my situation pretty well with Dashboard Accountants, do you think it would be a good place for me to start searching out capital?

    Good luck with World Wide and I will see you tomorrow at Junto!

  2. John Keller


    The event was only about an hour long. I understand that when you’re working on a venture it requires a tremendous amount of energy, focus and will power. It can be hard to step back and re-align your efforts. I would suggest making it to as many of these business events as you possibly can. Whether you’re looking for capital or not.

    I believe it was Ethyl Barrymore who said, “The best time to make friends is before you need them.” Miss Barrymore was a successful actress, but I believe her advice is timeless and transcends all professions. Especially entrepreneurship.

    Good luck with Dashboard Accounting. It’s a great idea and you are definitely the type of guy who will make it happen.


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