Blog Literate… A must for aspiring entrepreneurs…

Although I seriously considered Information Systems as a major in college, I am far from a programming or network engineer. And while programming or sorting through lines of code is absolutely not something I enjoy doing, every now and again I find myself trying to tweak my various websites to make them work better.

Blogging is important for entrepreneurs and business leaders. It provides a platform for an extended portfolio, and perhaps even more importantly offers a chance to participate in an aspect of our modern culture which is quickly filling the anals of internet content.

It’s not always a peaceful process unfortunately.

I just changed the permalink format on this page to assist in more key-word relavent searching, but it unfortunately erased all of my 301 redirects and everything else in my .htaccess file. Yeah. Frustrating. So I’ll dig it out and fix my newly created problem as soon as I get the chance.

It needs fixed. It’s a good thing to learn. Ahhh yes… The wonderful steep grade of more learning curves :)

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