301 Redirect Lessons

I’ve recently been trying to learn about 301 Redirects to improve traffic and search engine ranking. Unfortunately I’m no programmer and it has taken off my stats and the ability to view my template on some browsers. I’ve still got a lot to learn about this redirect business, so I’ll get back to you when I do :)

2 thoughts on “301 Redirect Lessons

  1. Andrew Mark

    John, I looked at your problem and it turns out that as you were adding the redirect you must have changed your theme from “Default” to “the-keller-blog”. If you go into your dashboard and change it back that should fix your tracking (”the-keller-blog” theme does not have your tracking information pasted to the footer.) and format problems. You can do that in your dashboard under “presentation”.

  2. Administrator

    So there you have it… a little 301-101 :) in my attempts to add the 301 to my template on word press I accidentally changed my theme .

    Thanks Andrew!


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