Monthly Archives: September 2007

Utah Book Donation and Worldwide Book Drive

I just want to take a minute to congratulate Worldwide Book Drive and it’s faithful team of book sorters and back-brakers for donating over 100,000 books this year alone! Their contributions will certainly have an impact on generations of children in Utah, Nicaragua, Idaho and Africa for generations to come. And that’s just up to September of this year–who knows what beneficial labors wait around the corner.

In a recent conversation I had with Jaron Brown, the Regional Manager for Worldwide Book Drive, he said something that struck me as a key factor to Worldwide Book Drive’s growing success. He related a recent experience in which a retiring professor donated his entire collection of used books and curriculum before heading back to Norway. He said the retiring professor identified Worldwide Book Drive as the best place to donate books used books, because it was by far the most believable organization. It was very reassuring to hear that from an outside source. The hours of labor it takes to sort through the books and truly try to maximize the value can be a thankless task… (although the last time I helped to sort and put together a load of 5,000 books for Books for Utah Kids, my back was certain to thank me :)

Donations have been recieved from Nevada, Idaho and Utah. Their biggest source of donations come from school districts and libraries. So if your looking for a reliable place to donate used books or find used books to benefit a great cause be sure to check out the Worldwide Book Drive website,