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Culinary Crafts Review…

They say that past performance is the greatest indicator of future performance… (Well an economist might not tell you that)… But when it comes to a special celebration or meeting, you don’t want to go wrong in choosing your caterer.

If you’re looking to start your own catering business, be aware that there is some pretty stiff competition out there. If you’re looking for some services to help a grand opening or other function for your small or medium sized business, remember that a successful event can have lasting success.

So when it comes to finding the best caterer in Utah its really a pretty simple choice. Culinary Crafts has won Best of Utah Caterer for four years in a row.

Although the price is a little more than you run of the mill caterer, their service is hard to beat. When planning a party or special corporate venue, these guys are top on my list for caterers.

I’m pretty impressed by their website. They are careful to pay attention to detail. Like most of my product reviews, I would suggest checking out their culinary craft yourself… And then come back and let me know your thoughts…

Jay Lynn Studios Photography

I have quite a few friends who have developed into professional photographers. And a few more who have taken the leap and worked to start their own photography business or studio. This can be a very competitive industry. The barrier to entry is relatively low, but the cost to gain and maintain a clientele is very difficult. If a studio is open for longer than 5 years that’s a very good sign.

I was asked to write up a review for JayLynn Studios Photography. Although I’m no professional myself, I’ve worked with over a dozen professional and amateur photographers with business, weddings, reunions etc. There are very few which I would personally recommend or endorse. JayLynn’s is one of those. I really do consider JayLynn to be perhaps the Premier Photography Studio in Utah.

Looking for a good photographer can be really frustrating. After looking at their website for work samples, really call them up and ask them for a few references. (Weddings is a perfect example of something you really just can’t afford to mess up on). The best references you can get to verify the quality of the photgrapher is really from the references references. Make sure you call people that weren’t on the list from the Studio.

JayLynn Photography Studio has excellent work and phenomenal customer service. You’ll pay a little extra on the front end, but the quality and experience really do last generations. At all of the weddings I’ve been to with JayLynn Photographers, I have only seen the finest results. (Trust me, I’m what one might consider a not-so-photgenic-person to say the least, and I even dared to look at photos I’m in, time and time again.)

Really though, if you’re looking for a Utah Photographer, I would suggest you check ‘em out for yourself. And please keep me posted with any input or additional experiences that would be helpful to other readers.

Franchise Management

I’ve recently been working with a Rock Chip Repair Company. My job has been to identify and negotiate locations all across the Wasatch Front. I’m also in charge of hiring, firing and scheduling at each location. In a sense, it has a been a miniature model of developing a franchise chain.

Although fairly simple in its model, it has proven to be an incredible learning experience. Each location, although may look the same, has a number of dynamic characteristics. Zoning laws, landlords, customer traffic, location visibility, employee personalities, etc.

In managing this small franchise, I am learning the importance of… well… management. There is no way I can be everywhere in a single day. I need to get the right people in motion and on the right track and then go on to my next location.

I can also see how important management is in owning a business. I’ve had to significantly reduce my hours at Worldwide Book Drive, and our manager there is doing a phenomenal job. He allows me to focus in activities that provide funding and publicity while the daily grind of operations takes place.

I’m learning. I want to learn more. Anybody have any books or blogs they would suggest for good management tips?

The Big Secret…

I see the billboards on the freeway. I see the books in stores everywhere. So what is the big secret?

Simply put it is the age-old-addage of attraction. Birds of feather flock together. Karma. We buy whatever it is we pay attention. Or something like that …

I was first introduced to “The Secret” as a recorded appendage to The Richest Man in Babylon. I felt the principles they were teaching were great but it actually seemed to pale in comparison the classic tale of The Richest Man in Babylon.

A few months ago, a regular customer at Worldwide Book Drive gave me a copy of The Secret DVD. It was a very well done Movie that clearly explained the principles and was done in such a way that nearly all audiences can benefit their lives from watching it. I was impressed.

As an entrepreneur, The Secret does hold some water in terms of basic framework to build an individual’s or company’s success. From small business to large enterprise the concepts of gratitude, positive visualization and focus are universal and lasting.

I would suggest (as a Christian) that The Secret can seem to convey that you can accomplish everything on your own merit and seems to overshadow the necessity for The Atonement and a Savior. Obviously this production element works to include all religious affiliations. The secret can go hand in hand with mainstream Christianity, or nearly all religions for that matter.

Religious or spiritual preferences aside. The Secret is a great tool from which businesses, families and individuals can aim to benefit. At the least, its only a few bucks and be a great conversational piece.

But you don’t have to take my word for it… See for yourself :)