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Geico and All State Insurance

Geico has great commercials. Their Small House and Cave Man commercials were always great attention getters.

Anywho, about 6 months ago, I went ahead and figured I would take the Geico challenge and see if I could really save a bundle of money…

It just so happens that by switching over to Geico (From Farmers) I saved a couple hundred bucks.

But the real test came just before Thanksgiving, I was cut off on the freeway and got into a little fender-bender. Nothing too serious. But really their service has pulled through and I really appreciate how attentive they can be for being such a large company.

I’ve also heard that All-State is really good. Which has proven to be the case in another little accident where an all-state insurer swiped our bumper. They were extremely responsive and very willing to work with my schedule to assess the damage and cut the checks.

Very nice. So far both companies have my full endorsement.

Both great companies, although Geico has a much better commercial ad campaign :).

Call for Social Entrepreneurs Plans

I have always been fascinated by business models which successfully integrate profitable business practices that measurably improve society.

Worldwide Book Drive doesn’t quite fit the criteria for this socially responsible business plan competition primarily because we don’t have any graduate students on the team. It is of course a minor technicality which could certainly be remedied, but not realistically before the deadline in less than 24 hours. .. That is… At least the cost doesn’t outweigh the benefit at this point.

I’m interested to see how things turn out with the Global Social Venture Competition. Should be fun to see who wins…

i is for (l)Itigation.

The world sighs as Apple shows a significant increase in stock value with the release of their new iphone. Interestingly enough, Cisco has side swiped them with a litigation for trademark infingement.

Here’s an article that tells more about the whole iphone debate

It’s a toughy because there are a number of other people who have been operating with the same product name. Who really gets it? If only there were a biblical solution to find the true mother of the iphone baby…

Alas only time will tell. In the mean time however, it is certainly great publicity for any and all iphones out there.

Multilevel Marketing Companies in China: The Full Report

For the past few days I’ve been posting excerps from my Honors Undergraduate Thesis. Things have been changing very quickly in China recently, especially for MLM.

Often considered a cult by the Chinese Government, (like the Falun Gong), the Chinese government is departamentally trying to deal with the 10 Billion dollar industry in China.

In the meantime, MLM companies are doing what they can to catch up with Amway and take advantage of the situation before anything else changes.

If anyone is interested in my full thesis and references, let me know. I’d be happy to see what I can do to make that available.